Privacy Policy

Effective: December 14, 2015

JSM Organics is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors to our web site and will not sell or provide any non-public personal information to anyone without your permission.

Types of Information
General Information:This is information that does not itself reveal your identity. General Information may include, without limitation: generic business type; SIC code; information derived from publicly available databases (such as Dun and Bradstreet); user behavior on our web site; and aggregated generic information.

Non-Public Personal Information: This is any non-public information you provide to us that is proprietary, and that identifies, or can be used to identify, contact, or locate you or someone at your business. Non-Public Personal Information may include, without limitation: name; address; phone number; e-mail address; credit card number; account information; voting behavior; spending patterns; and individual tastes and preferences.

What Information We Collect
JSM Organics collects general information and non-public personal information.

How We Collect Our Information
JSM Organics collects our general information through the use of server-based tracking systems to view the usage of the web site.

Non-Public Personal Information is collected through our Contact Us page on this site and will be used for our own internal use or for us to contact you directly.

Privacy Policy Changes
Any changes to this privacy policy will be posted here on our web site.

Changing Your Non-Public Personal Information
JSM Organics provides you with the opportunity to change your non-public personal information online via our online Contact Us form.

If you have any questions or concerns about any privacy issues, please contact us.