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Strawberry/Caneberry u-pick


Enjoy fresh delicious strawberries, blackberries & raspberries: red, yellow and orange.

Reservation is required!

Please make sure to read & understand Hygiene Policy prior to arrival.

Jsm Organics pop-up market - harvested produce for sale to purchase such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, fresh cut flowers, mix vegetables and jam.

Jsm Organics featuring:

Tea Empress - Teas, bath Bombs, body scrubs, candles, clay face masks, face cleansers, face moisturizers, lip balms, lip gloss, liquid lip sticks and lip scrubs.

Las Lomas Lavender & Honey - Honey & dried herbs

How to pick raspberries

When picking, you want to part the leaves with your hands to look for berries, picking only the berries that are dark red. Oftentimes people think raspberries have thorns, but they do not. They do however have tiny stickers, kind of like Velcro. Those can be tender to the skin so try and touch only the berries which generally is easy to do since the berries stand out from the rest of the plant.


You will want to grasp the raspberry with your fingers and thumb and pull gently. Ripe raspberries will come off easily in your hand, leaving the core still attached to the stem. If the berry doesn’t release easily, it is not ripe; therefore, do not pick it. Raspberries can damage easily so you want to be sure you place them carefully in your basket.

How to prepare for a great time on your visit to JSM Organics for u-pick

  1. Wear sturdy closed toed shoes (such as an athletic shoe or boot). 

  2. Wear sunscreen and a broad-brimmed hat.

  3. Bring water to hydrate.

  4. Please leave your pets at home. We will be happy to accommodate your needs if you have a service animal. Please contact us in advance so we may make arrangements with you

  5. Plan ahead to care for your berries. A cooler with ice is advisable to transport the berries home unless you live very close by.

How to pick blackberries
How to pick blackberries
How to pick raspberries
How to pick raspberries


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